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Frequently Asked Party Rental Questions

How soon do I need to reserve my order?+

The sooner the better. If we receive your reservation early, we can prioritize delivery/pickup times and assure you of availability of certain items. If you wait until the last minute to add items during peak season, chances are they will not be available.

What size tent(s) should I order?+

To help you get an idea of the size you will need, you may use our online Tent Calculator. As always, Bremar Rental staff is available to help with your final decision.

Do Leg drapes/side walls come with the tent?+

No. Leg drapes and side walls are accessory items and are an additional charge.

Does hot or cold weather prevent me from renting a tent?+

No. We have fans for the warm weather and tent heaters for when it’s cool.

What factors should I consider when picking the location and style of my tent?+

Underground utilities, sprinkler systems, wires cables, etc. You also want to look for overhead obstructions like trees and power lines. Pole style tents can only be set up in the grass, while frame tents can be used on both grass and pavement. It is important to let us know the type of installation you will require so we can be prepared.

When do you set up and remove the tent?+

For large events we usually try to set up a day or two early. Many factors such as flexibility of scheduling, size of installation and coordination of other services such as decorating, catering and venue policy influence the time of setup.

Can you install my tent during off-business hours?+

If you have restrictions for set-up and take-down of event equipment, we will try to accommodate you. There may be an additional cost for set-up or take-down during holidays or non-business hours.

Can I set the tent up myself?+

For smaller tents this is not a problem. Our larger frame and pole tents need to be set up by our experienced staff.

How close does your delivery truck need to be to the set up location?+

The closer the better! Most backyard events only require a cleared driveway. Larger events require close proximity. Some equipment can weigh over 3000 pounds! If there is a sizeable distance to the event site there may be an additional charge.

Should I use round or rectangular tables?+

Rectangular tables are generally used for less formal events such as a backyard party, graduation party, etc. Round tables are better suited for a more formal event such as a wedding or corporate event.

How high should a stage be for a wedding reception or a speaker?+

Generally 12" is high enough for attendees in the back to have a good view of people on the stage.

For evening events what type of lighting should I use?+

Each event is different. For weddings and more formal events we recommend perimeter lighting which gives a low lighting effect. You can also spotlight the entrance of the tent or even showcase a high peak interior. We will be happy to help in your lighting choices.

Do you set everything up when you deliver my equipment?+

We can set up some, all, or none of your rental equipment, depending on the items you’ve selected. Setup of the tent, lighting, dance floors and staging is included in the rental price of those items. The set up of other items such as tables and chairs will result in an additional charge.

Who is responsible for the repair of any damaged property where the event is held?+

We cannot be responsible for damage to lawns/landscaping caused by being covered by a tent or a floor. We are also not responsible for damage caused by pedestrian traffic at the event.

If I do not see an item on your website/catalog can you help me locate it?+

We are constantly upgrading and adding to our inventory. If you do not see what you’re looking for in our online rental catalog, please call us and we will try to accommodate you.